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CSM Ball Resurfacing
CSM Ball Rejuvenation



 Complete resurface to your choice of finish - $25.00

If no finish is specified we will use manufacturers box finish

Oil removal using a proven safe system that does not harm the ball nor leach out the reactive resin polymers - $10.00

Repair of damaged balls - Many cracked, nicked, tracked out, belt burnt and even core separated balls can be restored. Most damage will be repaired with the resurface job at no extra charge how ever, those balls that require plug work to repair cracks or core separations will be done on a quote basis. Please note that many balls have shallow engraving. We will strive to save labels and serial numbers as much as possible.

Grip replacement - your choice of type and color - if no grip preference is indicated we will replace worn out ones with Vise Grips of like configuration as the ones removed from your ball. $7.00/ pr.

Replacement of thumb grips or slugs - $15.00

Drilling of new balls:

Drill only - from your printed specs $18.00 , duplicate specs from your ball and drill - $30.00.

Finger inserts $10.00, slugs or thumb inserts $10.00

Plugging and redrilling - all holes $30.00, thumb only or fingers only $17.00

Send your ball by UPS, Fed Ex, or parcel post to:

  CSM Mfg.

c/o Pro Am Sports

5504 Alworth St .

Boise , Idaho 83714

This is the age of reactive resin equipment featuring cover stocks that show noticeable wear after 10 to 20 games. Most bowlers fail to take proper care of their equipment and let the ball go until it gets a deeply worn track and no longer reacts the way it did when it was new.

No ball can retain its surface once it is rolled down the lane. Even though it looks the same, every toss slightly changes the surface due to friction and a ball encounters friction on every throw.

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Bowling Ball Resurfacing
Complete resurface to your choice of finish not just the track. We restore your ball to like new condition.
Bowling Ball Rejuvenation

The rejuvenation takes your ball one step further by removing the oil or lane conditioner that has wicked into the ball.