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CSM Ball Resurfacing
CSM Ball Resurfacing CSM Ball Rejuvenation


This is the age of reactive resin equipment featuring cover stocks that show noticeable wear after 10 to 20 games. Most bowlers fail to take proper care of their equipment and let the ball go until it gets a deeply worn track and no longer reacts the way it did when it was new.

No ball can retain its surface once it is rolled down the lane. Even though it looks the same, every toss slightly changes the surface due to friction and a ball encounters friction on every throw.


Key Benefits

The Cook Resurfacing System provides consistent, accurate results --- time after time. Unlike manually resurfaced balls, our automated system maintains and returns your ball back to its original manufacturer’s specifications or better. Operator error is virtually eliminated! Your entire ball surface is refinished – not just the drop and track area.
Secondly, reactive balls can be resurfaced which in effect takes a few thousandths off leaving clean open pores. Again it is recommended that this job be done by a pro shop with the proper equipment and trained staff. Ball spinners are adequate for the job, however specialized resurfacing machines are greatly superior in that they bring the ball back to absolutely round even in the track area. Typical charge for oil removal is $5 to $10 while the average charge for complete resurface is about $25. Sounds a whole lot better than spending $200 to $300 in order to maintain competitive equipment.


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