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The ball pictured above, #EG65437, is a Brunswick Rhino Pro Teal. It was heavily tracked, cracked around the holes, and had flattened mismatched plugs. This ball was in worse shape than most of them that we restore. It has since been redrilled and is back in service.

Key Benefits

CSM runs quiet. It doesn't rattle and you can converse over what little noise is generated. Competitive machines are much louder.

CSM allows the operator to use as much water as needed for slurry and oil removal without fear of ball rotation stoppage. The recirculating system using a proven submersible pump rinses the ball surface of slurry and, by using a small amount of mild detergent, helps to clean the ball of oil buildup. Operators of the other machine must be very careful not to use more than a slow drip of water as the ball will cease to rotate potentially damaging the ball.

CSM motor mounts also act as moisture shields preventing water from leaking back into the gearboxes in the gear motors. Users of the other machine are constantly replacing or rebuilding gearboxes and bearings.

CSM runs cleaner with little splash over. Cleanup is a simple operation as the operator merely needs to adjust the inline valve for more volume of water and hose out the drain basin. The water reservoir can easily be removed, dumped and fresh water added as needed. Although it is not recommended, the same water can be used for many days running without adversely affecting the pump or the finish job attained. In our experimenting we have deliberately tried to destroy pumps and gear motors by abusing them far beyond their intended usage. Both these items are efficient and durable. They are inexpensive to replace and are readily available. Both have 1 year warranties. The competition has a small reservoir that must be wiped out.

CSM can be used in highly visible locations such as the concourse of a bowling center without fear of making a huge mess. Just the normal operation of the machine is captivating to prospective customers and the results obtained are compelling.

CSM does a complete job from rough sand to high polish. Also, now available are diamond cutting pads that are durable and efficient thus removing the one advantage the other machine claimed.

CSM can be left running without fear of rotation stoppage and subsequent ball damage. Simply set the timer for the desired duration. It will shut off automatically when the time is up.

CSM is easy to dial in and easy to work on. All parts are guaranteed and readily available. The machine is made of stainless steel eliminating damage by the corrosive slurry created by the sanding. The machine can be adjusted by setting the adjustment knob, by changing the settings on the carriage bolts under each motor mount and by the usage of shims between the mandrels and the cutting blocks. The machines have a built in reversing switch allowing one motor to run in the reverse direction. Reversing one motor changes the oscillation pattern.

CSM finishes plugs perfectly round and will not flatten existing holes.

CSM is inexpensive to operate. The cost to resurface a ball varies but at most costs usually do not exceed $.50 per ball.

Besides revenue from complete resurface jobs a price for value added can be asked for resurfacing while finishing plugs. It is easier to finish plugs using the CSM than doing them by hand and a fee can be charged for this service. Clean and polish jobs just prior to league play are a source of extra income. This may be justification for a second machine as our experience has shown that the machine is in constant use from an hour to an hour and a half before league just doing clean and polish jobs. We charge $3.50 for this service. It generates $25 to $50 every day during the season.

Convenient lease programs are available to qualified buyers so they can let the machine pay for itself while they use it.

Delivery has not been a problem to date as machines are shipped within two days of receipt of order and/or credit approval.

References from credible users of CSM are available. One such is Rod Ross who has had a great deal of experience with both the Haus machine and CSM. Rod says that in comparison the CSM is an industrial, commercial grade ball resurfacer while the other machine is a toy.

After many years and hundreds of machines in use we have experienced few service problems that could not be easily and quickly taken care of.