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About the Owner

Larry Cook has over 40 years of pro shop experience as well as a presence internationally recognized. Larry has been a seminar teacher and voice for the pro shop industry at industry wide functions and conventions. He has written many articles for the printed voice of the pro shop industry, The Standard, and is a mentor to several new pro shop operators around the country. Larry is a Silver Level certified coach for USA Bowling and has the authority to certify Bronze Level coaches. He has drilled over 100,000 bowling balls in his career and has redrilled countless others. He has kept up with the technological changes in drilling techniques, ball surfaces, core designs and ball preparation for matching the ball to the lane surface. He designed and patented the Cook Sphere Machine with the thought in mind to develop a more efficient method of resurfacing the high maintenance bowling balls of today. Countless hours and many experiments have been put into the ball maintenance problem to the point that an efficient and effective system is now in place

Industry Associations

Larry is currently a member of IBPSIA , International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association. In the 12 year history of IBPSIA he has served as Secretary/Treasurer, two terms as President and several years as board member. Also Larry is the acknowledged founder of the organization. For any letters of commendation the Executive Director of IBPSIA , Sue Haws, can be contacted at 1(800)659-9444

What do other people say about your company?

From the standpoint of the ball rejuvenation and resurfacing services.  Most of the responses from customers when they see their resurfaced ball is "WOW". From the standpoint of equipment sales, namely, the Cook Sphere Machine, Larry has testimonials from many well known users of the machines. For example, Jerry Francomano, who writes for Bowlers Journal and is the bowling manager for the Station Hotel Casinos in Las Vegas. Jerry is past president of IBPSIA and is the Dean of Education for that association. Our machines are being used for the PBA Senior Tour, the Kegel Company education programs and many more well known pro shops around the world.



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c/o Pro Am Sports

5504 Alworth st.

Boise, Idaho 83714

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General Information: information@cookspheremachine.com
Sales: cook-sales@cookspheremachine.com 
Customer Support: csmmfg@cookspheremachine.com
Webmaster: chipsnbits@cableone.net